Sewa X-ray Mobile

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X Ray Mobile Mednif 100ma

Brand name: MEDNIF
Model no: F-100
Made in china
1. Can be used in ward and emergency treatment room.
2. X-ray generator is combined
3. Single focus, bridge rectification.
4. It is precise, safe, reliable and flexible
5. A wireless remote control device (control range>8 m) is used
Main specifications
X-ray generator Stationary anode, single focus, and bridge silicon rectification, The X-ray generator is an oil-immersed self-cooled unit.
Max rated capability Current 15mA 30mA 60mA 100mA
Voltage 90kvp 90kvp 90kvp 80kvp
Time 6.3s 6.3s 4.0s 3.2s
Power supply Voltage 180~240V
Frequency 50Hz
Power not lower than 7kVA
Resistance not larger than 1degree
Voltage adjustment range of x-ray tube 50~90kVp
Range of the timer 0.08~6.3 s
Distance between the focus to the ground 700~1780 mm
X-ray tube focus transverse rotation 60 degree
Specification of X-ray tube XD4 2.9/100
Stationary anode, single focus
Transport dimension,
Weight Size: 90×130×205cm
Harga Sewa: Rp. 7.000.000,- perbulan (sudah termasuk ongkos kirim jabodetabek)

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